We make Japanese easy to understand.

The primary motivation for learning a language is to be able to speak the language fluently. At Saachi, we emphasize on spoken Japanese. The grammar is taught through conversational practice so that students learn to converse fluently and take part in situational conversation. This will help you enhance your fluency and build up confidence to converse in Japanese. We use a lot of audio visuals and role play to help students improve their speaking and listening abilities.

The courses at Saachi are well-designed to help students master the four fundamentals of learning a language: Speaking, reading, writing and listening. The study material is specifically designed to help students learn the language by emphasizing on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. We conduct periodic written tests to monitor the progress of the students. Conversation tests are also conducted after every 5 lessons.

Our highly qualified and experienced trainers who have lived and worked in Japan have tremendous knowledge about the cultural and behavioural conventions of the country. We try to inculcate Japanese values and business and social etiquette in our students which will help them develop positive business relationships with Japanese people.

As our students advance in their language studies, they will be able to converse thinking entirely in Japanese without having to constantly do mental translations from English to Japanese.

Our visiting faculty who are natives of Japan help in making the classes more interesting by engaging with the students in conversations involving the current affairs of Japan and several other engrossing topics.

Along with learning the language, our students are also trained for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT test) conducted by the Japan Foundation every year in July and December. Prior to the exam, relevant study material and mock tests will be given to the students in order to be properly prepared for the exam.