Work effectively with your Japanese colleagues with the help of our cross-cultural training program.

What is Culture?

Culture is the way of life of a group of people, including patterns of thought, beliefs, behaviour, customs, traditions, rituals, dress, language, art, music and literature.

The culture of a country has significant influence on how business is conducted, as a consequence, sociocultural implications are crucial for succeeding internationally. While conducting business operations, a lack of multicultural sensitivity might upset potential or current clients.

Communication between people from different cultures is referred to as cross-cultural communication. At Saachi, we have devised an authentic cross cultural training program which will help you to overcome cultural barriers and increase your awareness of social and business etiquette of Japanese culture.

Japan has its own set of business practices and conventions. At times, this can be a challenge for foreigners as they are not privy to such behavioural norms. Our training programs will help you learn and understand these norms which will ease interaction with Japanese people.

Learning to connect with Japanese people is crucial as they may not always communicate directly with words but make use of certain subtle gestures. This training will help you hear what is not being said.


Business Etiquette Training

Duration: 4 hours

Japanese Business Etiquette training will help an individual or an organization in sustaining a long-term professional relationship with the Japanese. This training is about building relationships with Japanese people in the business world. This covers a variety of topics that will help you enhance your communication skills, build mutual trust, and establish a comfortable relationship with your Japanese clientele. Some of the topics covered in this training are level of politeness, communication protocols, cross-cultural communication, do’s and don’ts, Japanese values and seating protocol to name a few. This training will give you an overview of life in Japan. It will introduce you to Japanese culture, traditions, customs and social etiquette. This course will allow you to have a comprehensive understanding of Japanese lifestyle. Some of the topics covered in this training are dining and food, dining etiquette, housing, technology, transport, traditional arts, clothing, festivals, garbage segregation and holidays to name a few.
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